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To Bead True Blue - The Tucson Bead Show - Colors Of The Stone Workshop

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Instructor: Julie Picarello
Award-winning artist, author and international instructor known for her color esthetics, design sense, and joyful teaching style. Learn more at

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: January 31, from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Fees: $85

This workshop will focus on using a simple everyday kitchen tool to create organic 3D beads that burst with color and texture! Students will be guided through the process of custom mixing their own rich and luscious color palettes, imprinting the clay with the “special” tool, manipulating and shaping the beads to give them an organic look, dusting with metallic powders for glowing highlights and lastly, incorporating custom ink-tinted feathers as a unique design element.

A pasta machine and pliers will be available in class to share, but bringing your own is optimal. Clay is underwritten by Polyform, and all other consumable supplies will be provided by the instructor.


Provided in Kit:
Clay, tissue blade, metallic powders, feathers, wet/dry sandpaper

Instructor Share:
Plastic sheets, deli paper, metal stamps, circle cutters

Student Supplied:
Pasta machine, c-clamps, small plastic container for sanding, acrylic roller/brayer, work surface (small tile or non-skid silicone mat)

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