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Using Molds for Electroformed Components

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Instructor: Terry Henry
After a career as a scientist Terry Henry answered her hearts call to turn to art full time and since November 2011 she hasn’t looked back! Terry is a native of California from the community of Los Gatos, she attended college at San Jose State University where she started out as and art student, however her concern for making a living resulted in a career path change to earth science; though all the while nourishing the desire to be and artist. Terry’s art embraces science, as she is best known for her electroforming work, which combines real flowers, insects, fossils with inorganic materials and her lampwork floral designs. Terry’s extensive teaching experience to adult learns in the field of art and science makes her class easy to understand and follow.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 4, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
$125 » includes two part workshop. plus $75 kit fee paid to instructor

Part I, 7-10pm & Part II, 2/5: 9-12am. In this two-part class I will share how I copy elements to embellish my electroformed pieces. I often use copies of original beads, electroformed pieces, and parts of action figures in my designs for repetition or other affects. Part one will focus on making a mold of an elements, create a wax positive, wax carving techniques, and embellishing. Part two will focus on using our wax positive in an electroformed creation. Action figures, dragonfly, butterfly and other small items will be available for impressions. Students are invited to bring their own item or figurine to use for an impression. Skills covered include basic electroforming, mold making using silicon putty, wax carving and stone setting in the wax positive. Class will break to provide time for bonding, and drying. Note this a two-part class will be started on day one and assembled on day two. Projects need to process 48 hours* for proper copper deposition. In addition to class resources, students are invited to bring their own piece to copy and small gems to use in their creations. * Students would return to the classroom 3:00 - 4:00, Friday 2/8 (or by arrangement) to complete their project by cleaning and finishing their project. Should returning to complete finishing not be an option for a student, arrangements need be made to have it finished and shipped later in the week (small fee will apply).
Maximum # of Students: 10; Minimum # of Students: 3
Class Skill Level: All Levels
Workshop Fee: $125
Kit Fee: $75 Fee is payable to instructor at beginning of class and includes: copper base, mold material, injection was, dichroic glass cabochons, glass micro-beads, 6mm and 3mm CZ’s, copper wire, conductive paint, injection wax, glue, tutorial containing detailed instructions, resources and photographs, and use of electroforming and buffing equipment and chemicals.

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