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Colors Of The Stone with To Bead True Blue & Tucson Bead and Design Show

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Colors Of The Stone Winter

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Dainty Sparkling DotsFebruary 4, 9:00am - 1:30pm (ALREADY PAST)Jewelry Design Class By Donna LewisClass Fee: $120.00Kit Fee: $50.00
Skill Level: All
Choose a little sparkler and set it up in its own home for a tiny little pendant. So popular right now. Why not create your own. You can choose your own favorite color. Kit includes: PMC, silver chain, choice of stone, drill bit, LiL BeLLA humidifier, work surface, stainless bowl, firing services, patina materials, consumables and other items for class enhancement. Students should bring small pointed paint brush, pink emery board, playing cards or thickness slats, needle tool, magnifiers and task lamp. If you have a cordless dremel bring that and you won’t have to share. Students also need to bring both a fine round nose and a fine bent nose pliers.

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