Colors Of The Stone - To Bead True Blue - Tucson Bead and Design Show      
The Artisan Gem and Bead Show in Tucson

Begins In 2019/09/05 10:00

Fall Show in Tucson

Sep 5-8, 2019 • Casino Del Sol Resort, 5655 W Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ • 10am-6pm

The Fall Show in Tucson is made up of three shows --a gem show (Colors of the Stone), a bead show (To Bead True Blue), and an artisan studio (Tucson Artisan Workshops).

This first Fall Show in Tucson welcomes many new exhibitors --established, emerging, and newly discovered artisans --an innovative collection of gemcutters, beadmakers, jewelry designers, mineral dealers, ceramists, and glass artists, who work out of small scale workshops, ateliers and artist studios, and who employ traditional tools and skills. The Fall Show embraces the handcraft of design, and promises an unrivaled exhibition of artisan-made gems, beads, jewelry, clothing, gemstones, natural crystals, gold & silver, mineral specimens, fossils, along with remarkable items such as African trade beads, antique jade, plique-à-jour, and sacred textiles.

The Fall Show presents 75 workshops in handcraft artisan design. Each workshop has its own distinctive, artistic individuality, and is taught by an artisan in residence, with handcraft themes such as jewelry arts, bead making, metal clay, beadwork, metal work, glass work, bead weaving, pattern design, embroidery, etching, creative connections, mixed media, free forming, art clay, wire work, silver work, fiber art, leatherwork, and stone setting.

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Begins In 2020/02/01 10:00

Winter Show in Tucson

Feb 1-8, 2020 • Casino Del Sol Resort, 5655 W Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ • 10am-6pm

The Winter Show in Tucson has become the best attended and most successful Tucson Gem Show with 1000 artisan exhibits, galleries, merchants, and hands-on workshops. Its clientele includes designers, art curators, jewelry and art magazine editors, jewelry artists, tradespeople --a total of 20,000 attendees from over 38 countries.

Colors of the Stone is the quintessential Gem Show. It promotes workshop and artisan studio gemcutters, goldsmiths, jewelsmiths, and lapidaries, who produce exceptional, hand-cut gemstones, one-of-a-kind designer jewelry, exclusive mineral pieces, crystals, opals, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, jade, garnets, pearls, amber, topaz, and peridot.

The Winter Show marks the To Bead True Blue 20 year anniversary. It is legendary for offering the finest artisan beads, one-of-a-kind jewelry, hand knotted strands, bead embroidery, lampworked glass beads, polymer clay beads, and beading components such as findings, chain, gemstones, and vintage pieces.

Tucson Artisan Workshops offers 500 workshops in handcraft design. Each workshop has its own uniqueness, and is taught by an artisan in residence, including jewelry arts, beadmaking, metal work, bronze clay, bead design, glass fusing, metal clay, wirework, crystal setting, art silver, chainmaille, hand knotting, mixed media, stone setting, soldering, micro chasing, enameling, photography, beadwork, hand knotting, leatherwork, macramé, kumihimo, and electroforming.

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What People Say About The Shows

I just wanted to say thank you…for doing such a nice job with the show. I had a GREAT time. I'm not kidding. It's a new world for me -- I've been doing primarily wholesale industry shows for gift or fashion -- and it was so nice to interact with your customers. I had a chance to chat with the other exhibitors and they unanimously had positive things to say about their participation in this show. This is a big contrast to the feedback that I'm getting from the same exhibitors who just finished the LA market and also from emails from friends who are now in the Las Vegas gift show. I'm encouraging a few of my friends to consider doing your shows next year.Escama Studio
It was delightful to meet you all in person, and I hope we will meet again soon…your help was a big part of why I did well…it looked beautiful and the venue was gorgeous.......It's About Time, Mostly
I’ve been attending (with great enjoyment and edification!) the twice-yearly shows for over 10 years.....and I’m looking forward to attending both this winter’s show (in January 2018) as well as next Summer’s show..Show Attendee
...this show is the only one of its kind…and offers products of exceptional quality and unique design...Anna Waiva, owner Zabella
...shows have a rich diversity...over six hundred vendors represent some forty-eight countries, sell gems, carvings, contemporary glass, enameled beads to African trade beads...Robert K. Liu, Ornament Magazine
If you're looking to build your bead wardrobe...look for the Lipstick Ranch, which specializes in handmade and hand-painted rusted iron pendants shaped like classic pistols, cowgirls and bull's heads...Emili Vesilind, Los Angeles Times
Lillian Todaro displayed her stunning bead sculpture – what she calls wearable art – alongside the numerous books she has written on the subject. These time consuming pieces are one-of-a-kind and some take over 50 hours to create but she is happy to share her craft...Veronica An, Pasadena Now
I love your show (along with all my friends) and try to make it to every one of them as I live in LA :)Show Attendee